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Utah Basketball: Runnin' Utes Drop to Miami 90-66

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a concern all season, this very young season anyway, but it seems that the Utes defense has a long ways to go to be what Coach Krystkowiak wants. The Utes dropped their first game of the season Friday night to Miami by a score of 90-66. The Utes were led by Jordan Loveridge with 18 points, and Jakob Poeltl with 16 points. The problem for the Utes isn't their offense, they shot 50% from the field on the night. It's defense, as previously mentioned, turnovers, where they committed 16 of them Friday night, and offensive rebounds, they surrendered 10.

As mentioned, the defense gave up 53% shooting on the night, and 59% in the first half, when they really dug themselves into a big hole. This has been a concern over the first three games, as the Utes would allow easy guard penetration, and poor defensive rotation. As for the rebounding, in the win against San Diego State, often times SDSU's best offense was getting their own rebounds and putting it back. That night, against the Aztecs, the Utes didn't have to worry about SDSU scoring a bunch of points, Miami was the other end of the spectrum.

This is a good learning experience for the Utes, as they now know that teams can really score on them, and score in bunches. This will hopefully help them lock in even more, as when they get to conference play, and even some more non-conference teams, they're going to see some talented offenses; and when it comes down to winning in March, you need to get stops.