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Utah football: Utes Fall out of AP, down to No. 25 in Coaches

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After another disappointing loss to the UCLA Bruins, the Utes have fallen out of the two least important polls out there, the AP and Coaches Poll. It's a bit of a shock they fell completely out of the AP Poll, but of course, the important poll is the College Football Playoff poll, which will be out Tuesday. But since the Utes are out of the running for the Pac-12 South, the Utes just need to finish the season strong and go into the bowl game as healthy as possible.

Here are the polls:

AP Coaches
1 Clemson (55) Clemson (58)
2 Alabama (6) Alabama (5)
3 Iowa Iowa (1)
4 Notre Dame Notre Dame
5 Oklahoma Oklahoma
6 Michigan State Michigan State
7 Baylor Baylor
8 Ohio State Ohio State
9 Oklahoma State Florida
10 Florida Oklahoma State
11 North Carolina North Carolina
12 Michigan Stanford (T-12)
13 Stanford Michigan (T-12)
14 Florida State Florida State
15 TCU Navy
16 Navy TCU
17 Northwestern Northwestern
18 Oregon Oregon
19 Ole Miss Ole Miss
20 Washington State Washington State
21 Houston Houston
22 UCLA Mississippi State
23 Mississippi State UCLA
24 Toledo Temple
25 Temple Utah