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BYU vs Utah Las Vegas Bowl Open Thread

Well fans, here we are at the end of the season. The best season yet for Utah football in the Pac-12 conference. We now find ourselves in the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl, taking on the rival known by many as the team down south - the BYU Cougars. All the complaining and "belly aching" should be past now, as we are about to kick off the Holy Way in Sin City. Does Utah deserve a better bowl? Yes. However, we are here now, so the best thing to do now is take care of business.

This game does have a ton of storylines, which is great for the media. For Utah, it's how do they respond from the disappointment of being snubbed by other bowls. Also, is Britain Covey and Kenneth Scott going to suit up and play? If so, will be they be effective?

For BYU, how will they respond to Bronco Mendenhall leaving, and will that prove to be a distraction? Will Bronco rally his guys to get win No. 100?

It should be an interesting game to watch, as Utah goes for their 5th consecutive win in the series.

Join along with us as the game is in progress, and GO UTES!