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Utah at No. 20 in Final Regular Season AP and Coaches Polls

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season for college football is over with only the bowl games left. The Utes did not play this past weekend, but the Utes moved up to No. 20 in the AP Poll and stayed at No. 20 the Amway Coaches Poll. I still take issue in the polls with Michigan being ahead of Utah with the same record and a head-to-head loss. I also feel like Baylor should have fallen further down. With how bad their quarterback situation is, I do not feel like they can beat any decent teams. They had to run an offense (the single wing) that has not been popular in college football since before the Great Depression. The College Football Playoff Committee rankings will come out later today as will Utah's bowl destination, so stay tuned for all of that information.

Ranking AP Top 25 Coaches Poll
1 Clemson (51) Clemson (55)
2 Alabama (9) Alabama (5)
3 Michigan State (1) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma Michigan State
5 Stanford Ohio State
6 Iowa Stanford
7 Ohio State Iowa
8 Notre Dame Florida State
9 Florida State Notre Dame
10 North Carolina TCU
11 TCU North Carolina
12 Northwestern Northwestern
13 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
14 Houston Oregon
15 Oregon Mississippi
16 Mississippi Houston
17 Michigan Michigan
18 Baylor Florida
19 Florida Baylor
20 Utah Utah
21 Navy LSU
22 LSU Navy
23 Wisconsin Wisconsin
24 Temple Temple
25 Western Kentucky Georgia