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Baseball Opens 2015 Against Sacramento State

Utah Utes third baseman Dallas Carroll will be counted on this 2015 season to anchor the infield.
Utah Utes third baseman Dallas Carroll will be counted on this 2015 season to anchor the infield.
University of Utah Athletics

The Utah baseball team takes to the diamond this weekend, and begins the 2015 season with a four-game series at Sacramento State. A lot of practice, along with a pleasant surprise in the recent weather, has the Utes ready to get the season started.

"We've had a good six months of preparation." said Coach Bill Kinneberg addressed the media in his first press conference of the season. "Along with the weather, has really helped us with our preparation. We're looking forward to finally playing against another team this weekend."

Despite the team only returning two seniors, the starting lineup will have a lot of experience, but they will be looking for the freshman to provide depth for the team. Kinneberg is looking for leadership from his infield in players like Dallas Carroll (third base), Kody Davis (shortstop), and Cody Scaggari (shortstop).

"They're kind of our key guys. They have the most experience. They'll hit in the middle of our lineup, or the upper part of our lineup, said Kinneberg. "Those three guys are really key to us. Naturally any team that you have, you have to be really strong up the middle."

As for the pitching aspect of the team, Kinneberg will be looking for two guys with the most experience, Dalton Carroll and Bret Helton.

"We're looking for significant innings out of them," the Utes head coach said.

The pleasant surprise for the Utes has been the nice weather and the ability to play outside.

"We've been outside basically the last three weeks," Kinneberg said. "We feel like we are further ahead than we have ever been."

"We're playing a very good team this weekend. They went to regional for the first time in a long time last year. Beat Arizona State to eliminated them... This will be a huge test for us."

The Utes first of four match-ups vs the Hornets is this Friday at 3 p.m. MST.