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Podcast roundtable: Talkin' Utah Football

We are a few weeks past signing day, where the Utes filled some needs going into the 2015 season, and we are about a month away from spring ball kicking off. So we decided to kick back and talk some Utah football, and some of the news, as well as look toward the NFL Draft and which Utes should be picked up.

The NFL Combine is going on right now, and there are five Utes participating, and we touch on who of those five Utes will get drafted the soonest. Two of us actually went with the big corner, Eric Rowe. While we don't believe he should be the first taken, we think his size and speed will be too much for some NFL team (we're looking at you Raiders!)

Also, we touch on some of our biggest concerns going into spring ball - some obvious choices were discussed (QB play), and some others - such as injuries and linebacker depth.

Join us for some good ol' football talk!