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Eric Rowe and Nate Orchard Perform well at the NFL Combine

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The last two days of the combine were all about Nate Orchard and Eric Rowe, and the final two Utes to take the stage at the combine really stood out.

First off, Orchard was put through the ringer and put up the following numbers:

40 yard dash: 4.8 seconds

Vertical jump: 31.5 inches

Broad jump: 115 inches

3 cone drill: 7.28 seconds

20 yard shuffle: 4.43 seconds

60 yard shuffle: 12.06 seconds

Orchard had a nice day at the combine, and even after his monster senior season, scouts are skeptical. Here is the "Bottom Line" evaluation on Orchard from

BOTTOM LINE Teams will either be wary of Orchard's single season of sack dominance or they will view it as an indicator of growth and potential stardom. Orchard will be below average against the run, but his draft grade and paycheck will be tied to his athleticism and pass-rush talent. If he can develop counter moves, he has big potential. If not, he might be nothing more than a middling, situational pass rusher.

As for Eric Rowe, he had a great combine, and showed that he may be the first Ute drafted after his performance.

40 yard dash: 4.45 seconds

Bench press: 19 reps

Vertical jump: 39 inches

Broad jump: 125 inches

3 cone drill: 6.70 seconds

20 yard shuffle: 3.97 seconds

60 yard shuffle: 11.48 seconds

Rowe, who the NFL guys listed as a safety, was rated as a top performer in his position. After the long line of Utah defensive backs to be drafted into the NFL, it looks like Rowe is the next in line.

Here is his "Bottom Line" evaluation from

BOTTOM LINE Rowe won't be for everyone. Scouts have concerns about his deep speed and he's not a guy who can match and mirror in coverage. However, Rowe will be a nice fit for defenses looking for a long defender with disruptive downfield traits.

No doubt, Rowe made some money from his performance. The question is if he'll do anything at Utah's Pro Day after his performance. As for Orchard, he'd probably be able to improve on some numbers at this Pro Day, which could possibly push him into a top round pick.