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Roundtable Discussion: NFL Combine & Arizona Week

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a big week for the Utes, both in football and basketball. That's exactly what we wanted to talk about on this episode of The U Fan Cast.

With the NFL Combine now over, and with five Utes having went, we break down who really helped themselves, and who really has to show out at Pro Day in a couple of weeks. Obviously, Eric Rowe may have made a lot of money with his performance at the Combine. We talk about why Kaelin Clay may have struggled in the 40, when he's got the ability to run in the 4.4s or even the 4.3s.

We also touch on the big matchup against Arizona. We glossed over the ASU game, because we all thought Utah would blow out ASU - although maybe not by 40, like what did happen. For the Arizona game, we all thought it would be up to the Utes to be tough and keep the Wildcats off the board.

Listen to this episode of the podcast and hear all of our keys to Utah beating Arizona - and more.

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