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Utah vs Oregon: Pac-12 Semi-Finals Open Thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Utah's going to the NCAA tournament, no matter what, but they can still strengthen the resume a little bit, and what the heck, let's try to win the Pac-12 tournament championship while we're at it. The Utes took their first step to that last night with a big win over Stanford, when the Utah team we've seen all year, before the last couple weeks, made a return in the blow out win.

Now, Utah can get revenge for one of their earlier losses by beating Oregon tonight in the Pac-12 semi-finals. Utah lost in Eugene earlier this year 69-58, where Utah played really poorly. Tonight it will be all about 'the other guys' Both Utah's Delon Wright and Oregon's Joseph Young will do what they do, which ever team's supporting cast steps up will win the game. That's what happened last game between the two teams - Young got a lot of help, while Wright did not.

It's another late night 9:30pm tip-off on ESPN, so get comfy, and let's react to this madness in March together.