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Podcast Preview: NCAA Tournament vs SF Austin

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Just over two days from tip off, the Utes and Utes fans are eagerly awaiting their return to March Madness and the NCAA tournament. Utah's returning to the dance for the first time since 2009, when they were ousted in the 5/12 game by 12-seed Arizona, and their plethora of athletic big men.

Utah finds themselves back in the 5/12 game, but this time it's against a non-Power-5 conference team, Stephen F Austin. They find themselves in a game against not even a 'Mid Major' program, but a one bid 'Minor' conference. When the matchup hit the screen I immediately thought, 'Ok, there's a matchup Utah should win to advance.'

Well, listening to the likes of Seth Davis of CBS, Jay Bilas of ESPN, and many others, the sexy pick among most media members in this matchup is the team from the Southland Conference - Stephen F Austin. If it's a pick here or there for SFA, I can think, ok, it's the tournament, that will happen. But it's an overwhelming majority of people who are picking SFA over the Pac-12 Utes, and their All-American point guard Delon Wright.

The only words I could muster whenever a pick would hit the airwaves was - 'Huh?' or 'Really?'

Well, in this episode of the podcast, Steven and I both dive deeper into this mystery and we ask each other - 'What are we missing?'

Give a listen -

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