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Who is Joshua Smith?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Basketball team made it once step further up the mountain that is the NCAA tournament. That step has taken them to a match up with the Georgetown Hoyas, and a mountain of a man in Josh Smith.

Josh Smith is the 6-10, 350 lb man in the middle for the Hoyas. A McDonald's All-American from Kent, Washington, and former UCLA Bruin, transferred from the Pac-12 school to Georgetown in 2013. Many believe it was because of his size, and being able to lose some weight that he had been asked. Hoya coach John Thompson III didn't have a problem with Smith's weight when he transferred. "I think I've weighed in here just a few times and Coach Thompson said, 'I don't care if you weigh 500 pounds or 200 pounds as long as you do everything I ask,'" Smith told reporters after he transferred in 2013. Part of his weight gain at UCLA was due to a torn patella tendon, which didn't slow down his eating, but did slow down his exercise.

Smith's minutes his two seasons at UCLA were around 15 minutes a contest. After receiving a waiver from the NCAA to play immediately for Georgetown, his junior year the minutes increased to about 19 minutes per game, and up to 21 minutes this season.  He's averaged about 11 points per game over his two seasons at Georgetown. Despite his size, he is quite athletic for a big man.

Ute fans shouldn't worry too much about Smith. He was on the floor for all of seven minutes in Georgetown's first game versus Eastern Washington. He was 1-2 from the field, and 2-2 from the line, and picked up 3 fouls.

The big man would no doubt like nothing more to be on the winning end, and send a former Pac-12 foe home.