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NCAA Tournament Elite Eight 2015: Updated Bracket, TV schedule and Live Streaming for Saturday

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Saturday night we'll see half of the Final Four field filled out with two Elite Eight games on tap. We have two number one seeds trying to make it to the Final Four, and they are matching up against very talented and upset minded two and three seeds. Don't be surprised if one of the two one-seeds are upset and don't make it to the Final Four.

Wisconsin and Arizona is one of the most fascinating matchups of the tournament. Will Arizona be able to hold down Wisconsin and place the Pac-12 into the Final Four? How about Kentucky? Will they take another step toward perfection, or will they go home and disappoint Big Blue Nation? Many people before the tournament said that one of the teams that could beat Kentucky is Notre Dame.

To take a look at the madness that has already happened this march, take a look at the updated SB Nation bracket by clicking here.

TV Schedule and details:

Elite Eight Games
Saturday, March 28 (ET)
Tip (ET) Network Site Game Play-by-Play/Analyst//Reporter
6:09 p.m. TBS Los Angeles (1) Wisconsin Badgers vs. (2) Arizona Wildcats Harlan/Miller/Bonner/Nichols
8:49 p.m. TBS Cleveland (1) Kentucky Wildcats vs. (3) Notre Dame Fighting Irish Albert/Webber/Elmore/Johnson

Mobile Viewing Options (iPhone, Android, etc)

The NCAA March Madness Live app is available in your mobile app store (iTunes/App Store, Google Play, etc).

It's a free app, but it does require TV subscription authentication.

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Live Streaming via Computer

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Similar process to the mobile apps above, you'll have to login via a provider to watch.