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Utah Spring Football Dates Announced

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We are two weeks from spring football starting and getting a feel for what the 2015 football team will look like.

Today, the Utah Athletic Department released the schedule for spring football this year, and it follows the familiar format that has been going on up on The Hill for years.

All outdoor practices are open to the public. Usually whether it is indoor or outdoor is determined by the weather.

Here is the schedule for this year's spring football:

Spring Practice Schedule (times are subject to change)
TU, Mar. 24 No Pads (3:00-5:00)
TH, Mar. 26 Pro Day (details to come in another email)
TH, Mar. 26 No Pads (3:00-5:00)
SA, Mar. 28 No Tackle (10:00-12:00)

TU, Mar. 31 Tackle (3:00-5:00)
TH, Apr. 2 No Tackle (3:00-5:00)
FR, Apr. 3 Tackle (4:30-6:30)

TU, Apr. 7 Tackle (3:00-5:00)
TH, Apr. 9 No Tackle (3:00-5:00)
SA, Apr. 11 SCRIMMAGE (10:00-12:00)

TU, Apr. 14 Tackle (3:00-5:00)
TH, Apr. 16 No Tackle (3:00-5:00)
SA, Apr. 18 SCRIMMAGE (10:00-12:00)

TU, Apr. 21 No Tackle (3:00-5:00)
TH, Apr. 23 No pads (3:00-5:00)
SA, Apr. 25 RED-WHITE GAME (1 p.m.)

Make sure to stay tuned to Block U for all the spring football news, as it happens, starting in just two weeks!