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Dres Anderson to hold workout Tueday for NFL teams

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a tough six months for Dres Anderson, since he hurt his knee in the big win against USC. He wasn't able to finish his senior year, play in the teams bowl game, or participate in any post season all-star games or combines.

Well, Tuesday, Dres will be able to show the scouts of various NFL teams where he is physically. Coming off of a knee injury, that will be crucial to his future in the NFL. Dres will be performing for NFL scouts in a private pro day at 11 am on Tuesday in the indoor practice facility up at The U, and the event is closed to the public.

Dres had a very good career up on The Hill, he accumulated 2077 yards with 17 touchdowns, and averaged 15.5 yards per catch. While Dres was very explosive, and Utah's big play maker, especially in 2013 when he went over 1000 yards, he had problems catching the ball at times. It was his inconsistency that was so maddening for Utah fans, where in one game he'd drop a potential game winning touchdown (against WSU), while in a different game he caught a touchdown pass between two defenders (against UCLA).

Regardless, best of luck to Dres, as he'll always be a Ute fan favorite.