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Most Anticipated Addition to the Football Team in the Fall

We take a look at who will be the most anticipated new player for this fall

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With spring football past the halfway point, the Utes look as strong as ever and look to do damage in the Pac-12 South division this upcoming season. Utah has upgraded talent at all of their positions, but even with the talent on the field for spring ball, there is more is to come in the fall.

There are some talented players in the 2015 recruiting class that are bringing lots of excitement to the Utah football program this fall. Players like Marcel Brooks-Brown, who by all indication could be the future starter at running back, and with Bubba Poole moving to WR, could move up the depth chart. Other players like Deniko Carter, Alfred "Tarzan" Smith, and George Wilson will bolster the receiving corp. There are some big offensive linemen, and some good players on the defensive side of the ball coming in also, which included Utah's lone four-star recruit in this class, JUCO defensive back Corey Butler. Carter seems to be a guy that can step in right way and make an impact at receiver. That said, another player may be even more of a "Game Changer" than Carter: the most anticipated of all of the class would be Kyle Fulks.

Why would Ute fans be excited for a 5' 8", 168 pound DB/WR? To quote Utah safeties coach Morgan Scalley, "It's Speed, Speed, Speed." Kaelin Clay was a game changer on special teams for the Utes. Reggie Dunn was before him, and Shaky Smithson before him. All of these players on special teams made the opposing kick and punt teams sweat. The next impact guy on special teams may be Fulks.

Fulks came out of Katy High School in Katy, TX and originally committed to Baylor but ended up at Blinn Community College. Blinn CC, where Utah swooped in and got him, produces tons of D1 talent, including 2010 Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton. Fulks played his freshman season at Blinn but redshirted last season to recover from a PCL injury, so he has three years to play three. He has the ability to play slot receiver as well as defensive back. Utah's intention seemed to be to put him on defense, but with the injury to speedy running back/slot receiver Troy McCormick, the Utah staff might take a look at Fulks in the slot. Either way, with the speed he possesses , the Utah coaches will find a spot for him on the field.

He posted the second fasted 100m time in the nation in 2013, running a 10.21 at the Texas State Championships (a meet where he finished second to the winner's 10.07). His speed could see him get a shot at kick and/or punt returner, which has a huge hole that Clay left behind. Clay did not have the returns in the second half of the season like he did the first, mainly because teams were kicking away from him. Fulks could have the same impact, and that potential could be huge for the Utes. He's the player Ute fans should remember because he will be a tremendous addition for the Utes this fall.