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Utah football: Most anticipated games of the 2015 football season

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After a crazy 2014 season, the Utah football team is looking to build upon nine wins in 2015, especially with seven home games. After a bit of a ho-hum spring, with not a lot of news, and now with four months until the season kicks off, it's time to look ahead, and here are my most anticipated games for the 2015 season, ranked from 1 to 12.

1. Michigan

How can you not be excited to take on Jim Harbaugh in his first ever game at Michigan. The fact that it's the home and season opener for the Utes make it that much sweeter. Also, let us not forget, he benched Alex Smith in San Francisco, so this one is for Alex!

2. Oregon State

Before the shake up that happened immediately following the bowl game this past season, the OSU game would have barely been on the radar. Now, the probable Black Out game on Halloween takes on a much deeper meaning, as a ton of former Utes will be making their return to Rice-Eccles Stadium. Gary Anderson, Kalani Sitake and Ilaisa Tuiaki are the headliners, but there are also some other assistants on OSU's staff, plus some recruits that flipped that will be on the opposite sideline, and it's going to be raucous.

3. Oregon

Last year, Oregon played in the College Football Playoff National Championship game, and the game they played against Utah, was a battle until the end. Now Oregon is replacing the Heisman Trophy winner, and Utah is bringing back a ton of talent. I can't wait to see the Utes take on a major challenge on the road to open conference play, and if they come away with a win in Autzen, they'll set themselves up for a very, very good season.

4. Arizona State

Four years in league, four losses to the Devils, and it's getting old. The last two years, Utah has lost on the final possession, and it's time Utah gets over the hump.

5. USC

It's always an event to play the Trojans, and playing them with a senior quarterback will be a tough task in Southern Cal. Utah finally got over the hump this past year, but each game with USC since joining the league has been tightly contested.


UCLA comes to SLC late in the season, and will by that time most likely have their new starting QB comfortable. UCLA returns a ton of starters, just like Utah, but with the game being in SLC this go around, and it being in November, Utah's chances are good.

7. Utah State

It's always fun to have some in state drama, as the last time Utah played USU, it went down to the wire. USU is returning Chucky Keaton, if he can make it to the second week of the season. However, Utah has much more talent than they had a couple seasons ago, and USU doesn't have as much talent as they had a couple of seasons ago.

8. Washington

Going to Seattle is always fun, and challenging. It will be interesting to see if Chris Peterson can get some momentum going in year two with the Huskies. There is never any doubt that they will have talent, UW always does, but will they find a QB that can handle the system?

9. Cal

Cal will come into Rice-Eccles with Jared Goff and the 'Bear Raid' offense. So, like WSU, Utah will have the challenge of slowing down a pass heavy offense, with more talent. Cal will be a fun game, because they should be another year better, and it will be interesting to see if Utah has improved against this style of offense.

10. Arizona

Ugh, Arizona has had Utah's number since Rich Rod took over, and the fact the game in Tucson gives me some serious heartburn. It will be interesting to see if John Pease attacks Arizona's offense any different than Kalani Sitake, because Sitake struggled against Arizona.

11. Colorado

The Buffs on senior day, always a close game, but not a lot of intrigue in this game. Expect the Buffs to be better, because they were really close multiple times last season.

12. Fresno State

A road game in Fresno, not a lot needs to be said about that.

How would you rank your most anticipated games for the 2015 season?