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Utah football opponent spring preview: Utah State

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

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Here's a quick synopsis of the episode:

We were joined by Jeff of the Front Row Show podcast this week (listen to them on iTunes), to talk about all things Utah State!

The first thing we did was catch up on all the Aggie news from 2014, and how they endured an insane amount of injuries to still have a chance to go to the Mountain West Conference Championship Game.

We also touch on how USU is surviving the MWC, and that they are content with where they are, and that they don't view themselves as needing to really compete with the other instate schools, just their conference opponents. We touched on the state and status of the instate rivalries as well. What's it like not having an annual game with all three schools playing each other?

We asked Jeff if Chuckie Keeton can stay healthy, since he's been in Logan since Merlin Olsen played. And of course, we get his feel for the game, and to give us an idea of which way the matchup is leaning right now.

We also touched on some hoops talk, and we thanked him for letting Tommer Conner stay around Utah just a while longer.

For all that, and much, much more, listen to this week's episode!