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Utah Football: Media Roundup for the Drafted Utes

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a quick roundup from around the web of the various Utes that got drafted, and the perspectives from their new teams.

Eric Rowe - Philadelphia Eagles

Head Coach Chip Kelly

When Rowe got picked:

Nate Orchard - Cleveland Browns

KSL at Nate Orchard's home as he got the call:

Cleveland's coach and GM talking about adding Nate to the mix:

Jeremiah Poutasi - Tennessee Titans

The selection announcement of Poutasi:

Kaelin Clay - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

You can check out Kaelin's selection video from the Bucs by clicking this link.

There's some more out there, if you find it, feel free to share it, but these videos and tweets give you a flavor of the special days that our former Utes had this weekend.