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Roundtable Discussion: Top-5 Pac-12 QBs in 2015

The conference of champions, the Pac-12, has been for years all about the QB play, especially in 2014 with Marcus Mariotta, Brett Hundley, Taylor Kelly and more as some of the headliners as signal callers in the conference.

The 2015 season, there is a ton of turnover at the QB position, and I joined a discussion about the top-5 QB's currently in the Pac-12 conference, with my friend Donald King of and Mark Rogers of Mark Rogers TV. With the names we got accustomed to the last couple seasons now gone, either by graduation or in the NFL, the list of the top QBs in the conference looks a little different.

Here's the list I put together for the interview, and yes, I was a little bit of a homer.

1. Cody Kessler - USC

2. Jared Goff - Cal

3. Anu Solomon - Arizona

4. Travis Wilson - Utah

5. Mike Bercovici - Arizona State

I figure, specifically with Wilson, as a four year starting QB, with an experienced offensive line and a Heisman candidate at running back, I don't think it's out of the realm that he's a top-5 QB in the conference.

Anyway, check out the discussion in the video above, and let us know how you'd rank the conference QB's.