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Utah Football Kicks off Devontae Booker for Heisman Campaign with website

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Utah last had a Heisman candidate in 2004 with Alex Smith, who got the invite to New York. Now, Utah has another potential Heisman candidate with senior running back Devontae Booker. Booker, after a 1500 yard, and a 1st team All-Pac-12 season in 2014, is poised to take another step into the national spotlight, and will be able to do that by kicking off the season against Michigan.

The term 'Heisman candidate,' has been tossed around with Booker since the end of the 2014 season, both with Coach Whittingham and some of the other Utah football staff members. Coach Whitt has even stated that he's been trying to get Booker's name out there in the media more, because he believes he's been overlooked a little bit. Well, today, it appears that the athletic department is starting to put a little bit more effort into a legit Heisman campaign by launching a site touting all of Booker's stats and chatter from across social media. There is no fancy "" or anything like that, it's just linked on the front page of (click here to check it out). The program has also kicked off the social media hashtag #BookerforHeisman, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the day-and-age we are in with college football, it is very hard for running backs to win the award. The last five winners have been quarterbacks, with the last winner that was a running back being Mark Ingram from Alabama. Booker has come out and said he wants to rush for 2,000 yards in 2015. If he does that, and Utah has a very, very good season (we're talking Pac-12 championship good), then Booker would have a legit shot at going to New York City.