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Vegas Sets Utah Football win total in 2015 at 7.5

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As we inch closer to the 2015 college football season, we're going to start to see a lot of news hitting, including pre-season rankings, all-america/conference teams, and of course the various betting lines. On Thursday, the Bovada out of Las Vegas released the over/under for all the team's win totals across the country. After coming off of a 8 win regular season, 9 win total 2014 season, the Utah football team has an over/under of 7.5 wins according to the Bovada.

That's a good number to start with going into the season. Currently, I'm taking the over with about 8 or 9 regular season wins (those predictions coming closer to the season). The Utes find themselves in the same ballpark as many other Pac-12 teams, especially ones on their schedule.

Here are the win over/unders for all the teams that Utah plays in 2015:

Michigan: 7.5

Utah State: 7.5

Fresno: 4

Oregon: 9.5

Cal: 5

ASU: 8.5

USC: 8.5

OSU: 4

Washington: 4

Arizona: 7.5

UCLA: 9.5

CU: 4.5

I'm a bit shocked to see CU with a higher over/under than Washington and OSU. But there is plenty of respect for a lot of teams that Utah will be lining up against this fall.

What do you think? Are you taking the over or the under on the 7.5 wins?