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Podcast: Domo Situation, Pac-12 Media Days and Isom transferring

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Here's a quick synopsis of the episode:

First up, Alex and I chat about the Dominique Hatfield situation, and we do a brief recap on that, plus we insert some of our thoughts and opinions on the entire situation. We also breakdown the secondary a little bit without Hatfield, and who will need to step up if he's not reinstated.

We also preview Pac-12 media days a little bit, and we try to predict who will be picked to win both divisions. Of course, we stick with the usual favorite in the North, and we both think one of the LA schools will be picked to win the South.

Lastly, we touch on the transfer of one of Utah's quarterbacks, Donovan Isom. Isom came as a bit of a shock to both of us, but we didn't blame the kid for the decision.

For all that, and much, much more listen to this week's episode!