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Utah Football Fall Camp Day 4 Recap

Defense won the day today in day four of Utah football fall camp 2015 and there is Cory Butler news

Utah football began week two of fall camp today. The Utah defense won the day in practice with especially strong play from the secondary. The big news out of practice is that Cory Butler will get a look at defense back this week after playing slot receiver last week.


Travis Wilson and Kendal Thompson got the reps during the media viewing session, and neither looked very good. I give the edge to Thompson because he was moving in the pocket better and getting the ball out faster. Wilson took too many sacks because he did not get the ball out fast enough. Both quarterbacks missed open receivers as well. Wilson threw an interception as well.

Running Backs

It was a quiet day from all of the running backs. Marcel Brooks-Brown, Devontae Booker, and Joseph Williams got most of the carries.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends

Tyler Cooperwood, George Wilson, and Kenric Young were the stand outs at receiver. Siale Fakailoatonga looked the best out of the tight ends. Cooperwood has surprisingly good speed which he displayed and nice hands. The receivers overall had trouble getting separation from the DBs though in practice.


The defense was definitely the better unit on the day. The pass rushers were giving the offensive linemen trouble and applying a lot of pressure. The linebackers were making plays against the run and pass. The secondary though is the group that looked the best in my mind. They broke up a bunch of passes and covered the receivers well. They forced multiple coverage sacks. Reggie Porter, Cory Butler, and Brian Allen all looked great. Allen had an interception as well. The defense is usually ahead of the offense at this point in camp, and that was definitely true today.

Check out interviews with several coaches covering topics including the Domo Hatfield situation and Butler playing defense.

Head Coach Kyle Whittingham

Cornerback Coach Sharrieff Shah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham