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Podcast: Fall Camp Talk, Domo Situation, and Rivalry Talk

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Here's a quick synopsis of the episode (there is a weird technical issue that occurred with this episode, at about the halfway point there was some echoing that would come and go, so sorry about that! We'll get that squared away next time):

Alex, Daniel and myself all chat about fall camp after four days. Some of the early impressions from fall camp to date? It appears there is a good amount of depth developing at wide receiver, specifically at slot receiver. Britain Covey, the true freshman, is making all kinds of noise in the slot, as well as in the punt return game.

The defense looks stacked, as always, especially up front with the defensive line. However, the secondary is rounding out nicely, especially without Dominique Hatfield (for now). One area of concern for Alex is still the QB position. He wonders if Travis Wilson can take that next step and be a dangerous weapon in the passing game. Daniel is worried about Bubba Poole out of the slot. Poole need stop sure up his hands, according to Daniel.

We also have a discussion around Domo, and what the odds look like for his return. If you read between the lines, it sounds like his return is all but guaranteed, given his most recent legal troubles are resolved. Domo can attend class at The U, which is where he should be, if he isn't already. All three of us think Domo will be suiting up in a Utah uniform again, maybe not in 2015, but sometime for sure.

Lastly, we touch on our thoughts on the rivalry with BYU. With the season approaching, this will be the second year we haven't played the team down south. The question I ask both Alex, Daniel and myself is a simple one: do you miss the rivalry game? Why or why not? And the answer was unanimous: no.

For all the reasons why we don't miss the game, more fall camp conversation, and much, much more listen to this week's episode!