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Utah Football Named 2015 Team Captains

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, Kyle Whittingham and the Utah football named the team captains for the 2015 season. The team captains were voted on by the team, which is a major honor for those who were named captains. Being named a captain shows a lot of respect and admiration of these player's fellow teammates. Here are the captains for the 2015 season:

Andy Phillips - Kicker

The junior kicker has been named as a kicker for the second consecutive season. For a kicker to be named a captain is a major accomplishment, let alone being named a captain multiple seasons in a row.

Devontae Booker - Running Back

The senior, Heisman Trophy candidate running back is a bit of a no brainer, and this shows some of his leadership capabilities. He's not the most vocal guy on the field, but he's been called one of the hardest workers, and no doubt leads the team by example.

Kenneth Scott - Wide Receiver

Coach Whitt called K-Scott probably the leader of the leaders, due to his ability to vocally lead the squad, and his experience. The sixth-year senior has overcome a lot of injuries over his career, but has constantly bounced back. If anybody will say something to a teammate to get them on the right page, it's K-Scott.

Gionni Paul - Linebacker

Paul is the defensive equal to K-Scott. He's vocal and will keep his teammates in line, but he will also lay it all out on the field. He was limited by injury last season, but when healthy, he's one of the best defenders in the Pac-12.

Jared Norris - Linebacker

Jared Norris is the less flashy, quieter version of Gionni Paul. This guy is a tackle machine and about as reliable as you can get from a linebacker. He's no doubt the yin to Paul's yang when it comes to the linebacking corps.

The big omission that a lot of people will notice and will talk about, is the lack of a senior QB being named a captain, namely Travis Wilson. Wilson was named a captain as a sophomore, but not a junior and now a senior. It has to be rare for a senior QB not to be named a captain of a team. I don't think this is an indictment of Wilson, who isn't a real in your face, outgoing guy, but I can see where people would have some concerns about him not being named a captain.

What are your thoughts on the captains?