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Utah Football: Pre-camp odds to win the Pac-12 & National Championship

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Utah football's fall camp starts on Thursday, and that means we are four weeks away from the kickoff of the 2015 football season. As always, our friends down in Las Vegas at Bovada has put out their odds on who will win the various conferences, and who will win the National Championship.

First up, the National Championship odds, of course, the longest odds for the Utes. Here are the odds listed up to Utah.

Ohio State 11/4
Alabama 7/1
TCU 7/1
Auburn 9/1
USC 16/1
Baylor 20/1
Michigan State 20/1
Notre Dame 20/1
Clemson 22/1
Oregon 22/1
Florida State 25/1
Georgia 28/1
LSU 28/1
Oklahoma 28/1
Stanford 33/1
UCLA 40/1
Arkansas 50/1
Michigan 50/1
Mississippi 50/1
Tennessee 50/1
Texas A&M 50/1
Georgia Tech 75/1
Arizona State 100/1
Florida 100/1
Kansas State 100/1
Mississippi State 100/1
Nebraska 100/1
Oklahoma State 100/1
Penn State 100/1
Texas 100/1
Virginia Tech 100/1
Wisconsin 100/1
Arizona 150/1
Boise State 150/1
Louisville 150/1
Miami 150/1
Missouri 150/1
South Carolina 150/1
BYU 250/1
Utah 250/1

One team that surprises me a little bit is Stanford. The are listed ahead of UCLA and Arizona State, two teams that are coming off of 10 win seasons, while the Cardinal are coming off of an 8-5 season. Evidently, the Bovada is putting a lot of stock in the return of Kevin Hogan.

Now for the Pac-12 championship odds.

USC 2/1

Oregon 12/5

Stanford 7/2

UCLA 7/2

Arizona State 9/1

Arizona 20/1

Utah 33/1

California 40/1

Colorado 200/1

Oregon State 200/1

Washington 200/1

Washington State 200/1

The Utes basically fall right in the middle of the conference, right behind most of the Pac-12 South and Oregon.  Utah has solid odds at 33/1, which surprised me just a little bit in a good way. I was thinking something like 40/1 or 50/1 was going to be the odds for the Utes. Honestly, if Utah's offense finds a way to click and be ranked in the middle of the conference in production, that 33/1 bet is very tempting.

What are your thoughts on these early odds for the National and Pac-12 championships?