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Utah to Wear New Uniform Combination Against Utah State

Utah will break out a new uniform combination for the game against Utah State, paying tribute to 9/11 and two former Utah greats

University of Utah

Utah will break out a new uniform combination for the game against Utah State. The look will feature Utah's matte black helmet with the oversized drum and feather logo, red jerseys, and white pants. The look pays tribute to two former Utes who both have played in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons: running back Jamaal Anderson and defensive tackle Paul Soliai. Atlanta frequently wears the black-red-white uniform combination. Since the game against Utah State is being played on Sept. 11, Utah will also have a special decal on the back of the helmets as a tribute.

Overall, I like the uniforms, and I will explain why. Normally, I am not a fan of uniforms where the helmet, jersey, and pants are all a different color, but I like what Utah is doing here for three reasons. First, the 9/11 helmet decal is great. They did a really nice job with it, and it really pops on the black helmet. Second, I like that they are doing a tribute to two great former Utes who both have played for the Falcons in the NFL. It adds a special touch to the uniform combination. Last, the matte black helmets with the oversized drum and feather logo are amazing, and I am a fan of pretty much any uniform combination they are a part of. The red socks tie in nicely with the jersey, and the black gloves compliment the helmet well. Some fans may not care about what uniforms the team wears. It does seem important to many recruits, and it can get the players excited to play as well. Personally, I am a fan of what Utah has done with their uniforms the last few seasons. They have added some really nice new uniform options. When you are in the same conference as Oregon, who basically started the whole alternative uniform craze, it is important to have many different sharp uniform combinations.

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