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Utah Football: 5 Things We Learned from the USU game

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The final Battle of the Brothers between Utah and Utah State, for the foreseeable future is over, and it was again a hard fought contest. The Utes came up on top, but does one have a better idea of what the 2015 version of the Utes is yet? What are some of things that may have been answered after taking on Utah State.

Britain Covey is a difference maker. Covey led the Utes in receptions once again. He withstood a helmet to helmet hit that could have knocked him out of the game. He also made some plays at punt returner, and finally broke a return for 30 yards. He almost got loose on a couple returns, only to get tripped up, or tackled. Covey needs to play to live another day in the return game. He'll need to fair catch some balls, or he may take some unnecessary hits in future games, which would affect his ability to make plays on offense.

Devontae Booker will be the workhorse for the Utes again this season. Much like the 2011 version of the Utes, they're hitching their wagon to Booker. He quietly ran for a 125 yards on 31 carries, and a touchdown. Runs much similar like with the offense with John White IV. Quite a few short difficult runs, with the occasional big gain. Utah will need to compliment his runs with a better passing game. Utah State was putting eight or nine people in the box to stop the run, and future teams will do the same.

Travis Wilson is a gamer, but took one too many risks. Wilson has appeared to improve his passing game, and his decision making. Tonight he picked up right where he left off last week, and the Utes scored on their first drive. Wilson made a great read, and scampered in for a touchdown. Wilson showed more in second quarter, but fighting for more yards got him injured. A good quarterback knows when to slide. Sliding is one thing he doesn't seem to know how to do. Now Kendal Thompson will be in charge of the offense, and Utah may suffer because of it.

Kylie Fitts has all the makings of the next good defensive end for the Utes. Fitts entered the game at defensive end for the injured Hunter Dimick. He ended the night with five tackles, and a pass break-up. The UCLA transfer will be the starter as long as Dimick is out, and will continue to get better. Utah fans will see more from No 11, and he will continue to make big plays.

Utah's defense is good, and will be able to keep Utah in games this season. When the game was tied at 14 at halftime, the moans and groans could be heard from the stands. Utah's defense came out and responded in the second half, despite the Aggies moving their offense up and down the field in the second half, and appearing to have the momentum, the Utah defense kept Utah State off the board. Shutting them out in the second half. Utah made plays when they needed to. A key sack from Pita Taumoepenu that resulted in a fumble by quarterback Chuckie Keeton. A diving interception of a pass that tipped of an Aggie receivers hand ended another drive. The Utes defense has the ability to overcome mistakes, learn from them, and make plays to shut down drives.