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Podcast: USU Game Review & Fresno State Preview

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

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Here's a quick synopsis of the episode:

First up, we review the game against Utah State. We give out grades for each position group - offense, defense and special teams. We both graded out the positions as ok. The offense took a step back when Kendal Thompson came in, while the defense really stepped up at the same time. We also gave out game balls on offense and defense. I went with Devontae Book and Gionni Paul, with an honorable mention. Alex also went with Gionni Paul, but he went with Britain Covey on offense.

We previewed the Fresno State game as well, check that portion of the podcast out for our breakdown, hint, we expect the Utes to win.

Lastly, we talk about Travis Wilson and the improvements he has made thus far this season.

To hear more in depth conversations on the above topics, plus much more listen to this week's episode!