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Utah Football: 5 Things we learned from the Fresno State win

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Utes finished off the Fresno State Bulldogs late Saturday. They also finished off the non-conference portion of the schedule 3-0. Utah still has some things to work on going into conference play, but some other answers are beginning to emerge. Here are five things we learned from Saturday night.

Devontae Booker will be the workhorse for the Utes. Booker carried the load again for the Utes with 31 carries. He finally got loose in the running game, as well as receiving. As he hits his stride, hopefully the Utes will too. If the passing game can help him out, he'll have a spectacular year.

Travis Wilson is Utah's starter, no question. Kendal Thompson showed the world what he can do versus Fresno State, which is a bit unnerving. Often times in fandom, there are some fans that call for the backup quarterback to be put in the game, this has been the case with Thompson. With every mistake made by Wilson, sometimes fans have wished that we could see what Thompson could do. We saw that in Fresno, and the questions seem to have been answered. Thompson is not better than Wilson. Two turnovers, and some questionable decisions proved almost with certainty, Wilson needs to slide, and no more risking his body. He being lined up behind center will give Utah the best shot at a good conference season.

A repeat from last week, Kylie Fitts is really softening the blow of losing Hunter Dimick. Fitts found his way into the Bulldog backfield repeatedly, and batted down a couple passes. Fitts will continue to be a terror, and a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks. Utah fans will be doing flashbacks of another No. 11 who played defensive end a short time ago.

Utah's defense is human. After giving up two touchdowns in each of their first two games, the Utah defense gave up three touchdowns in the fourth quarter. Maybe it could be chalked up to the fact that they were on the field for a long time in the fourth quarter. A slump in the fourth shows they have some things to work on in the next week as they prepare for a team that can score quickly.

Kaelin Clay has a couple replacements. Corey Butler-Byrd and Britain Covey delivered a display that Clay would be proud of. The recent success with a line of great returners appears to be continuing. Butler-Byrd returned a kickoff return 98 yards, and then after a defensive stop Covey followed it up with a punt return for a touchdown. If nothing else, this lets the Pac-12 know that the potential is there, and they may think twice about kicking the ball to these two play makers.