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Block U Pac-12 Picks Week Four

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Conference play really kicks off this week for most of the conference. It was another strong week for the Pac-12 last week, although, USC losing to Stanford does hurt the top of the conference in the eyes of the nation, but adds another team in the national rankings. This week there are four games that involve ranked teams (Oregon/Utah, UCLA/Arizona, USC/ASU, Stanford/OSU), so there are plenty of interesting games to check out.

Here are our picks for the week.

Utah @ Oregon Stanford @ OSU Nicholls @ CU Cal @ UW UCLA @ Arizona USC @ ASU Record
Shane Oregon Stanford CU Cal Arizona ASU 28-7
Alex Utah Stanford CU UW UCLA USC 28-7
Adam Oregon Stanford CU Cal Arizona USC 28-7
Joseph Utah Stanford CU Cal Arizona USC 26-9
Daniel Utah Stanford CU UW UCLA ASU 22-1

We are split with Utah/Oregon, with the majority taking the hometown Utes, which is a bit of a surprise. We are also split on the Cal/UW, UCLA/Arizona and ASU/USC games. That just shows the unpredictability of the Pac-12 conference. I lean toward Cal, Arizona and ASU winning this weekend, but I could easily be swayed to the other side in all three matchups.

What are your picks? Are we close?