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Podcast: Discussion of Utah's Blowout of Oregon in Autzen

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Here's a quick synopsis of the episode:

What else are we going to talk about this week other than Utah's blowout win against the Ducks up in Eugene? Alex and I are joined by Steven to breakdown the game. First, we dissected the Utah defense versus the Ducks' offense. We were all surprised with how well Utah held Oregon in check, especially the very talented skill players for the Ducks, plus how much Utah made Vernon Adams look like an FCS quarterback. We all graded out the defense between an A- and an A.

With special teams, the grades were the same, but we broke down the madness that was two trick plays, including the fake punt after hitting the camera wire ("How does that happen" as I summon my inner Greg Wrubel), and the fake punt return. They were two brilliant plays, that were aggressive and called at the perfect times. Plus, we all talk about how awesome Tom Hackett is.

Offensively, we all gave the Utes an A-grade on that side of the ball. Travis Wilson was in complete control, and we say an offense, with execution, that we haven't seen in a long time. I keep saying it's one thing to know you're going against a bad defense (which Oregon has), but it's another to be able to exploit that defense. And to exploit it for 62 points, in Autzen Stadium, is something else. We talk about the play calling as well, and the continued evolution of Travis Wilson at quarterback.

Lastly, since it's a BYE week, we talk about the Utes through four games. We talk about what we've learned, and we all echoed the similar sentiment... there is a level of potential here that we haven't seen since joining the Pac-12. Will that potential be realized? That's another question.

To hear more in depth conversations on the above topics and about the roasting of the Ducks, plus much more listen to this week's episode!