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Pac-12 Networks Previews 'The Drive' featuring Utah and Oregon State

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Pac-12 Network gave a sneak peak at 'The Drive'; their half hour documentary style series that will cover both Utah and Oregon State football through the 2015 season. The series kicks off in a couple of weeks, going into conference play, but the crews from the Pac-12 Networks have been on both campuses for a couple weeks getting some footage.

It's very interesting, and probably not a coincidence at all that the conference picked both Utah and Oregon State to showcase, because of all the intrigue and juxtaposition of the two programs. The two programs, in a lot of ways, mirror each other. Of course, we all know and remember the coaching drama from this past winter/summer. OSU's coaching staff is almost made up entirely of former Utes, so it will be interesting to see how the two programs advance through the season. Especially since Utah is moving up the conference ranks, and Oregon State is in a rebuild mode.

Here's the sneak peak from the Pac-12 Network: