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Utah Football: 5 Things we learned about the Utes in Week 1

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

We've had some time to digest the Utes win over Michigan this past Thursday, so the question is, what did we learn from the win over the Wolverines?

Travis Wilson looks confident

Everyone's question going into this season was, how will Travis Wilson progress? If game one is any indicator, he looks a lot better, and much more confident under Aaron Roderick and Jim Harding. Travis had a huge bowl game, and that carried over into the season it appears. Wilson was an efficient 24/33 (72%) for 208 yards through the air, while he ran for 53 yards and one touchdown. He did have an interception, but it was on a hail mary to end the first half. But while Wilson put up some nice stats, he looked really confident taking the snaps, and making decisions. Multiple times throughout the game he would talk to his offensive line before the snap to make adjustments. Also, his reads on the read option were very good, just take a look at this touchdown run. If Wilson can keep progressing through the season, then good things are in store for the team.

Britain Covey is a stud

All throughout camp, everyone has heard how good Britain Covey was looking as a true freshman at wide receiver. Well, he showed why on Thursday night. Often times he was matched up with All-World Wolverine safety, Jabril Peppers, and Covey held his own. Covey lead the team with 58 yards receiving, and made a couple Wolverines look foolish during his lone punt return. At about 170 pounds, Covey is slight of weight, but is shifty and has great hands. It will be fun to see how he continues to improve as the season goes along.

Utah's offense will be better

Utah's offense has been bad the last couple of season's. That will be different this season. No, they aren't going to be near the top of the conference in output, but they will at least be an average offense. With Devontae Booker, a confident Travis Wilson, and an imaginative offense being called by Aaron Roderick, Utah's defense will have something to fall back on. On Thursday night, Utah's offense was diverse, and found ways to get the ball all over the field, especially with Michigan keying on Booker running the ball. Overall, I like what I'm seeing from the offense overall.

Utah's secondary will be very good

With the addition of Dominique Hatfield, I feel even better about this statement. Going into the Michigan game, Utah was replacing two starting corners from last year, and one of the safeties. How did they perform? Well, up until the final garbage drive from Michigan, they held the Wolverines to about 200 yards passing with 3 interceptions, including one for a score. Sure, some Michigan wide outs got behind the secondary on a couple of plays with double moves, but in an opener, I'm not really surprised. Not to mention, the Wolverines went max protect most of the time, and I don't think a lot of teams are going to do that against Utah's defensive front seven. So once that front seven start to get through to the QB, the secondary will look even better.

Utah may be one of the better Pac-12 teams

It wasn't the best weekend for the Pac-12 conference, as Alex broke down in his write up from Sunday. While you don't want to judge teams from their week one games, early returns are Utah may be setting up to be one of the better teams in the conference, in all three phases of the game. If Utah's offense keeps improving, then we'll see them make a run for the Pac-12 South title.