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Oregon State Beavers at Utah Utes Open Thread

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Can we pretend Thursday never happened? Because what I remember, against the Ducks, was awful. A lot of basketball 101 stuff was not present that night. Whether it was dribbling, passing, shooting, shooting free throws, you name it, it was bad for Utah (12-5, 1-3 Pac-12). Fortunately, in sports, you can a chance to redeem yourself, and that's what the Utes are looking to do tonight against the Oregon State Beavers (11-4, 2-2 Pac-12).

OSU is coming off of a 17 point loss to Colorado on Wednesday, so they get an extra day of rest before tonights game, which is unfortunately, because being the second-half of the Rocky Mountain swing is a big advantage for both Colorado and Utah. OSU is headlined by Gary Payton II, the son of NBA all-time great Gary Payton. Payton is the Beavers' leader on both sides of the floor, and will be key for Utah to focus on.

Here's to hoping the Utes respond tonight, because they need to have a much better performance than on Thursday night, or else the results will be the same... bad.

Go Utes!