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Podcast: Utah Football Recruiting Conversation with Dan Sorensen

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Here's a quick synopsis of the episode:

We were thrilled to be joined by Dan Sorensen, our good friend from We go way back with Dan, and we wanted to pick his brain about the Utes recruiting efforts, and some news now that we are getting close to signing day. We chatted about the staff shakeups, and what impact that've had on recruiting. Of course, we chat about the Guy Holliday addition, and if he is going to be able to land Jonah Trinnaman. We touch on why Tyler Huntley was so underrated, and what drew him to Utah. We also discuss Troy Williams journey from Washington, to JC and finally to the U.

Of course, Dan gives us some names to watch out for, and who may be some big impact names to watch out for years to come. Make sure to follow Dan on twitter (@DSorensen) and of course you can find all of Dan's stuff at is required for some of their content).

To hear more in depth conversations on the above topics and more, give this episode a listen, because it's full of recruiting goodness..