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Utah Utes at Washington Huskies Open Thread

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

It's another big game in the Pac-12 for the Utes, as they try to go over .500 with a win over the 1st place Huskies. The Utes come into the game at 3-3 in the conference, after a win over Wazzu on Thursday night. UW is coming in after a win over CU.

We saw a little bit of vintage Utah in the Wazzu game, with Brandon Taylor and Jordan Loveridge both hitting from long range, something that fans have been hoping to see for a long time now. Utah's defense, while not great, was solid enough to limit Wazzu to one and done opportunities, and helped Utah break the game open in the second half.

This UW team is a different beast that Wazzu, as they are much more athletic, but they are very, very young. This roster has 9 new players, and will be a tough test for Utah in Seattle.

The game is on ESPNU, and if you can't be there, join us!

Go Utes!