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Cal Bears at Utah Utes Open Thread

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's round two of the Utah/Cal match ups this season, as Cal walked away with a win earlier this season in Berkeley. In the previous meeting, a 13 point loss for the Utes, Utah played pretty well all game, but a stretch in the 2nd half doomed them. Cal's good man-to-man defense made things very hard on the Utes, but they were able to stay within striking distance the entire game.

Utah's improved since dropping that game at Haas, as they've won three in a row and three of four. Utah's defense has been improving, and we see spurts of really good effort on the defensive side of the ball. The offense has rounded out better the last couple of games, but it's still pretty up and down.

As for Cal, they are coming off of two wins against the Arizona schools at home, after losing three straight against Oregon, Oregon State and Stanford.

Both Utah and Cal are tied at 4-3 in conference play, and now that Utah is back at home, Utah needs to find success at the Huntsman through the rest of the season.

Join us for the game, and chat about all the happenings of #Pac12AfterDark - basketball style!

Go Utes!