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Utah Basketball: Utah Utes at Cal Bears Open Thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Being game two of the conference season, you don't want to call this game a "must win," but it boarders on that. The Utes messed up and let one go against Stanford on Friday night, dropping to 0-1 in the conference, and now they play a much more talented Cal team on the road. Dropping to 0-2 in Pac-12 play is NOT how you want to start, especially when they go to Colorado a next week for their third straight conference game.

For Utah, it's simple, take care of the ball (which they haven't done well this year at all, make free throws (which they have done well this year, Friday excluded), and defend the three point line (something else they've struggled with this season). Also, Jakob Poeltl can't get into foul trouble. Utah's offense runs through him, and they are best when the do give the big man a couple touches to open a possession.

It'll be a tough one.

Go Utes!