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Stanford Cardinal at Utah Utes Open Thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's another revenge game for the Utes, as they look to avenge the loss they took on New Years Day to the Stanford Cardinal. A game that Utah should have won, but let get away, is a one that stands out as quite a blemish. Utah was up double figures in the second half, but Stanford fought back to tie the game and take the game into overtime. Utah had the game virtually locked up with free throw opportunities from both Jordan Loveridge and Brandon Taylor, but two of Utah's better free throw shooters went 0-of-4 in the final minute, including Taylor's 2 misses in the final second.

Since then, Utah has rebounded very well and is now back in the running for the conference championship, and would be a 1/2 game behind Oregon and Washington if they win today. Stanford is coming off of a pretty bad loss at the hands of Colorado on Wednesday night, and is sitting at 4-4 in the league to date.

If you are stuck at home on this snowy Saturday, then join us here as the game happens, and chat with us about the goings on!

Go Utes!