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Utah Basketball: Utah Runnin' Utes at Colorado Buffaloes Open Thread

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It's the rivalry game! Oh, wait, it's Colorado? Well, it's a Pac-12 game! For the Utes (11-4, 0-2 Pac-12) it's a boarder line "must win" game against the Buffs (12-3, 1-1 Pac-12). The Utes falling to 0-3 in the conference would eliminate all room for error, and all but eliminate them from the conference championship discussion. While this conference has started pretty crazy, Utah doesn't want to have to rely on a bunch of crazy results to be in the hunt come early March.

Colorado is a good team, and right now they may be on par with the Utes, with them splitting the Bay Area trip, with almost the exact same results as the Utes, although they beat Stanford by one, while Utah lost by 2 in overtime. They have some good size, so they can match up well with Jakob Poeltl with Josh Scott.

The key, again, will be on the guards. Can they get the ball to Poeltl? Can they take care of the ball and not turn it over? Also, will Kuzma play?

This is a game that will answer more questions, and hopefully the Utes are up to the task!