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Utes drop to No. 22 in College Football Playoff Poll

If you’re like me, you’re just starting to come out of your hole of depression from the heartbreaking loss this past Saturday. Ok, I’m still in the hole, but I can at least see a little light at the end of the tunnel. That was aided a little bit with the latest College Football Playoff rankings that came out on Tuesday night, which had Utah slotted in at No. 22, a 10 spot drop from last week, which is basically in line with the other polls this week.

After losing to a bad team, the Utes still have respect around the country, and remain one of the few teams to be ranked in every Playoff poll to date. The Utes take on the No. 9 ranked Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday, which could have been a top 10 matchup, but alas, we’re still suffering.

The Utes are one of six teams in the poll from the Pac-12, joining Washington, Colorado, USC, Washington State and Stanford.

Here’s the complete rankings: