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Butler Bulldogs at Utah Utes Open Thread

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Utes will play a team that has a pulse with Butler coming to town. The Utes and the Bulldogs are both undefeated, but Butler actually has played, and beat somebody. The Bulldogs are coming off of an upset win over Arizona just a couple of days ago. That alone should get Utah's attention, but Butler is a traditionally really good team coming out of the Big East.

This is a good litmus test for the team, to see where they really need to improve going forward. The Utes have been ok on offense thus far, but have been really inconsistent from three point range, and the turnover bug has bitten them a time or two. Defensively, they've been pretty good, but that's against poor competition, so it will be real interesting to see how they compete against someone with a pulse.

If you're not at the Huntsman Center, join us here as the game happens!