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Ranking Utah’s Uniform Combinations so Far

BYU v Utah Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Utah is on bye this week, so we decided to take a step back and rank Utah’s uniform combinations so far in the 2016 season. For the third season in a row, Utah is wearing a different uniform combination for each game. I did not include the announced combination for the Arizona State game because we have not seen it during game action this season (though it would likely rank No. 4 or 5).

#1 Red-Out vs BYU

While I am a huge fan of Utah changing up their uniform for each game, the all red look is still the uniform I think of when I think Utah football, and the satin red helmet that Utah introduced last season against Michigan take this look over the top. This combination always looks great, but a big reason why it takes the top spot is that so far in 2016, this is the only time Utah has worn a red helmet. Up until 2012, Utah only had a red helmet, and while I really like several of the white and black helmets Utah has, I give this combo the nod because it marks the only appearance of satin red helmet so far this season (though that will change on Thursday).

#2 Blackout vs USC

The blackout uniform is always one of my favorites, and this year was the best blackout uniform yet with the “handcrafted” black helmets. Each helmet is hand painted and unique. This combo would likely have been No. 1 if Utah had worn the red helmets more.

#3 Neo-Throwback vs Arizona

I loved this combo when Utah introduced it last season, and I still think it is a great look. It is a great Homecoming tradition. The interlocking UU logo really nice as well.

#4 White-Out at Cal

This is a great road look for the Utes. The oversized chrome logo and removal of the helmet stripe really make the white helmet look sharp.

#5 White-Red-White vs Southern Utah

This is a nice look, and I thought it was a nice touch with the “Checker Rice-Eccles” promotion. The change to the helmet stripe was also an improvement. I just feel this combination is so similar to the Neo-Throwback and is not as nice that I docked it a little bit.

#6 Black-White-Black at UCLA

This combo got a boost because of how much I like the handcrafted helmet. I am glad Utah decided to wear it more than once this season. I just think there are better combos they could have worn it with, see below in the Dirty Bird tribute for one example, or black-red throwback-black.

#7 White-White-Red at San Jose State

At the time, I liked this look, but looking back, I wish Utah would have gone satin red-white-red for this game. Utah’s main color is red, and they have not emphasized it much this season, especially not the satin red helmet, which is one of my favorites.

#8 Dirty Bird Tribute vs Washington

I liked this look when Utah wore it last year against Utah State, and I still do not think it is a bad look. It is just a combination we saw last year, and it was unchanged this season. I would have liked it a lot better if Utah used the handcrafted helmet, throwback red jersey, and throwback white pants. This was the Ute Proud game, and ESPN College GameDay was in town, so I was hoping we would see a new uniform. If Utah hadn’t worn the black helmet so many times, or if it was not such a big game, I think this combination would be higher.

#9 Black-White-White at OSU

I am not a fan of the helmet being one color and the jersey and pants being another. This uniform isn’t terrible, but it is just a bit underwhelming. As I have mentioned multiple times in this write-up, I think Utah has worn the black helmet too many times this year, and I really feel that way because of combinations like this one.