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Utah Utes at Xavier Musketeers Open Thread

After over a month of the season the Utes will take their first road trip of the season as they travel to take on the Xavier Musketeers. It will be a major litmus test for the Utes, as they see how this young, inexperienced team responds in a hostile environment. The coaching staff will learn more about this team as they move toward Pac-12 play. However, this will be one of the final games for the Utes without Sedric Barefield and David Collette, two presumed starters for this team. That means we still have a long ways to go before we know truly what this team is about, but we can get a feel for a lot of the rotational players.

Join us here as the game happens, and let's see how this young team responds to a road challenge!

Go Utes!