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Utah’s Unifom for Foster Farms Bowl

Utes Equipment Twitter @UtesEquipment

For the third season in a row, Utah has worn a different uniform in each game. This year Utah has emphasized black and white more than in previous seasons, getting away from red a little too much at times. For the Foster Farms Bowl, Utah decided to remedy the lack of red by wearing more red than they ever have. Satin red helmet with red chrome logo and satin red face mask, red jersey, red pants, and red accessories.

Utah has introduced a few uniform elements this year I've loved, namely the Handcrafted black helmet and the white helmet with oversized chrome logo against Cal. they have also worn several looks I have not been a fan of because of a lack of red against teams who wear primarily black and white (see games against Oregon State and Colorado). I am a huge fan of this look the satin helmets are great, and emphasizing red is something I have been hoping for since the game against BYU. It is nice that Utah will show off their primary color in their bowl game on national television. This look gets two thumbs up from me.

I would like to see in the future is Utah continue to use these decals with the satin red helmets (which gives them several different looks for the satin red helmets). I also think it would look fantastic on the white helmets, pairing it with red jerseys and/or red pants. Picture the white-red-white look, the white-red-red look, or even the white-white-red look with this decal. I'd like to see Utah bust out at least one of those combinations next year, in addition to wearing this all red look again.