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Arizona Wildcats at Utah Utes Basketball Open Thread!

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

OHHHH BOY! Can you feel the intensity? This is a big one, and it already has the feel of it. Utah has never beaten the Wildcats since joining the Pac-12, and are looking to solidify a BYE in the Pac-12 Tournament. This is a big game for both teams, as both are still fighting for the regular season conference title, hoping that Oregon drops a game.

Arizona is coming off of an emotional loss to Colorado on Wednesday night, as Sean Miller had a major problem with CU fans rushing the court. Arizona has been up and down this season, more so than years in the past. That would be expected after losing four players to the NBA Draft.

Utah is coming off of the blow out win over ASU, and seems to peaking at the right time. The fact that Utah was able to sit most of the starters for much of the 2nd half against ASU will help on a short turnaround. The key to this game will be the perimeter players, as 'Zona is going to try their hardest to shut down Jakob Poeltl, and their size may do that. If Jordan Loveridge, Brandon Taylor, Dakari Tucker and others can keep Arizona honest, Utah will be in prime position to walk away with a win.

Let's do this!

Go Utes!