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Utah Athletics Scores Near Top of Pac-12 and the Nation in APR

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Utah has been doing well on and off the playing field/court/pitch/diamond/etc. The Utes are making sure the term "student-athlete" is emphasized across the athletic department. In football, the Utes are tied for the lead in the Pac-12 with Stanford in APR. Men's basketball, the other main flagship sport on campus, scored a perfect 1000.

It's great to see Utah doing things the right way in collegiate athletics.

Here's the release from the U.

INDIANAPOLIS - The NCAA announced its latest single and multi-year Academic Performance Report (APR) for NCAA Division I schools today and the University of Utah was again near the top of the Pac-12 for APR success. The APR accounts for eligibility, retention and graduation of all student-athletes on scholarship, and provides a measure of each team's academic performance.

The latest multi-year APR calculations include scores from 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. The average for Utah's teams was 987, up four points from last season's average of 983, while establishing a new department record for the third consecutive year and easily exceeding the NCAA minimum requirement of 930.

Men's basketball, men's golf and women's cross-country all placed first in the Pac-12 with perfect multi-year APR scores of 1000. Football tied Stanford for first in the Pac-12 with a multi-year APR of 983. All four of these teams were publicly recognized by the NCAA last week for posting a multi-year APR in the top 10 percent of all athletic teams in the country.

Earning a perfect single-year APR for the third year in a row were the men's basketball, volleyball and men's golf teams. Gymnastics and women's cross-country received a 1000 single-year APR in 2014-15 for the second straight year. Others earning a perfect 1000 single-year APR this year were the men's and women's skiing, men's tennis and women's swimming.

Football's multi-year APR score of 983 set a new record for the program with the addition of its 997 single-year APR score in 2014-15. The 997 single-year APR is the highest single-year score for any Pac-12 football program since the NCAA began releasing single-year data in 2008-09. It marks the fifth-straight year that football's multi-year APR ranks in the top third in the Pac-12 Conference. Also producing multi-year scores that rank in the top third of the league for their sports were men's basketball (1000), men's golf (1000) and women's cross-country (1000).

Fourteen Utah teams improved their multi-year scores from a year ago. Making gains were men's swimming (+22), men's basketball (+20), women's cross-country (+11), football (+10), men's golf (+7), women's skiing (+6), women's swimming (+5), volleyball (+4), women's softball (+4), women's track & field (+3), women's soccer (+3), men's skiing (+1), men's tennis (+1) and women's tennis (+1).

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