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Utah Football Red vs White Spring Game: White beats Red 14-7, Tyler Huntley shines.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One thing can be said, while not always pretty, this year's spring game was a lot more entertaining than last season's. White came away with a 14-7 win over the Red squad on an overcast Saturday afternoon at Rice-Eccles Stadium. It wasn't an offensive explosion from either side, but we saw some great plays from some young players. It was also the first time fans were treated to an offensive touchdown since the 2014 Red-White game.

Of course, for many fans their eyes were locked in on the two quarterbacks on the field, Brandon Cox and Tyler Huntley. Utah has been without JC transfer Troy Williams, the presumed starter by many, for a couple of weeks now. For the spring, Cox has had the leg up on Huntley, by showing more poise in the pocket, and guiding the offense. However, on Saturday afternoon, in a meaningless spring game, Huntley was the better QB. Huntley finished the day with 233 yards on 17-of-26, and had one touchdown pass. Huntley was poised all day, and stepped up in the pocket all day long, and looked much better than many freshmen should. The talent from the kid is obvious, and he appears to be the future of Utah football. Without a doubt he throws the best deep ball of any of the QBs on roster.

Huntley's favorite weapon on the day was Caleb Repp, a tight end turned wide receiver. The long and lanky Repp was a pain for the Red squad all day, as he caught 5 balls for 96 yards, and pulled in one spectacular touchdown in the corner of the end zone. Huntley also had completions to Tyler Cooperwood (4, 58 yards), Siaosi Wilson (2, 44 yards), Gage Cook (2, 24 yards), Ken Hampel (2, 12 yards), Tani Leha'uli (1, 3 yards) and Joe Williams (1, -4 yards).

Repp will be a key weapon in the 2016 season, as he may be one of the names that Utah has been looking to step up for the receiver corps. For the Red, Chad Hekking had a nice day with 7 catches and 63 yards. Cox completed 17-of-31 for 146 yards, but for most of the game, just didn't have a good feel for the offense.

So what does any of this mean? Nothing really, especially since so many players sat out for Utah. Almost every spring game we see names that make plays that never see time in the fall, and vice versa. Today, though, we saw some potential out there, and while some of these names, like Huntley, may not be a starter in the fall, there's still plenty to be excited about.

Post-game audio

Co-offensive coordinator Aaron Roderick

Tyler Huntley