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Utah Baseball falls to Boston College 4-3, Plays Tulane Sunday

Everything was going well for Utah Saturday night in the matchup against Boston College, when they were leading by a score of 3-1 going into the 7th inning. Utah has excelled in the 7th inning over the past week or so, but the tables were turned on them as BC scored 3 runs in the 7th to capture all momentum, and eventually the game. The frustrating thing for the Utes, and fans, is the fact that many of the runs that came in were based off of errors, hit batters and walks.

The 7th inning started for BC with a double and a passed ball that quickly got the runner to 3rd, and things continued to get worse; including the next batter being hit, and that was followed up by an error while fielding a bunt. From there it just kept going, including another hit batter, a walked in run, and then a botched double play that allowed the 4th run to score for BC, and that's basically all she wrote. Utah was playing uphill all inning, and they weren't able to climb out like they have the last couple of games.

Next up for the Utes is survival, as they take on Tulane Sunday in an elimination game. For the Utes, now, they have to win three straight games to advance, including having to beat BC twice. If they beat Tulane tomorrow, they'll get BC later in the day, and if they win that game, they get BC again on Monday.

Utah's backs have been against the wall before, and they've pulled through, let's see if they can do it again.